VoiceAssistant is designed for integration into custom scenarios in office and healthcare environments. The speech recognition and processing module developed by the Center can be implemented both in the customer’s equipment and used in the format of a smart speaker with a voice assistant «Marta».

  • Work without Internet access
    • for projects with special requirements for safety and fault tolerance
    • for work with limited speed and quality of Internet infrastructure
    • for field teams
  • Synchronous operation of microphones in different parts of the room.
  • Integration with various types of equipment: smart switches, lighting and ventilation control systems, smart appliances and industrial automation solutions.
  • Adaptation to specific subject matters and customer needs, flexible integration with custom scripts.
  • Transcription of audio files with the ability to search within transcribed recording and start it from the desired part.

  • A large number of interfaces for integration: USB3, Wi-Fi, GPIO, Ethernet, etc.
  • D-class audio amplifier, professional waterproof speaker with dust protection.
  • Microphone with automatic gain control and high sensitivity.
  • LED indication has 180 degree viewing angle for visibility from any vantage point.

Digital assistant in offices
Employees using voice commands can: set a task, order a taxi, book a meeting room, keep minutes of a meeting, transcribe a conversation recording, use corporate services.

Management of the environment in health facilities
An inpatient patient can use a voice speaker to control lighting, call medical personnel, lower the blinds, turn on or off other equipment.

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