SmartSel — Platform for automatic management of the incoming information flow with the extraction of meaningful knowledge.

01. SmartSel can process different types of unstructured data: scanned documents, text documents, graphics, text and voice messages.
02. SmartSel analyzes content of a message or document, extracts meaningful data and performs a classification. The system calculates confidence in the proposed result. ​
03.In case of high confidence, SmartSel, as a result of classification, launches the next step of document processing: robotic process, Transfer to a responsible officer, approval, return for revision, etc.
04. In case of low confidence, the issue is transferred to the employee with a proposal for solutions. This helps to reduce the time required to complete the task.​

Technical Support of a large governmental body
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A user should fill in the request form in the electronic system in order to execute a request to Technical support service of the company. Mistakes in problem type determination or filling in of other important margins were made very often. So in order to determine a correct category of the request it was necessary to involve an operator who could re-classify it correctly. Such a scenario led to ineffective loss of specialists’ working hours and significantly reduced the pace of request processing.

  • To optimize the work of employees: to increase pace and quality of processing of incoming requests/messages sent to the inner customer support.
  • To reduce the quantity of mistakes in distribution of requests/messages among executors.

Solution of the set tasks
The use of SmartSel has enabled to solve the Customer’s tasks in part by having replaced base-line of support service. The system analyzes incoming requests and determines on the base of their content the executor whom such a request should be readdressed. In typical situations when there is no need in a specialist involvement, SmartSel itself generates a response to a user.

  • The pace of counteraction of users, operators and specialists responsible for solution of technical problems.
  • The quantity of mistakes connected with incorrect problem type determination performed by users and their further distribution among executors has been reduced.
  • Employees’ routine pressure has been reduced, so this has allowed them to spend the time freed up on solving more important tasks.
  • • Expenses connected with ineffective use of employees’ working hours have been reduced.
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Manufacturing company
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A large amount of letters addressed to various departments are sent to the single corporate e-mail of the company every day. The employee responsible for letters sorting does not possess broad technical competence suitable for determining the essence of the message and the agent whom this message should be readdressed. This process took too much time and often messages got lost due to wrong routing.

  • To improve accuracy of incoming mails distribution.
  • To increase pace of processing of messages received by the company.

Solution of the set tasks
The introduced solution SmartSel enables to automatically process the flow of incoming letters, to classify messages and correctly determine an employee for readdressing. The accuracy of system information classification provided within the project realization has significantly increased the values of manual messages processing.

  • The accuracy of incoming e-mails classification and pace of their processing have increased.
  • A correct readdressing of incoming messages has been provided without involving a specialist.
  • Satisfaction of customers and company’s partners has increased.
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