Our Mission: We are a team of AI professionals that develops and implements innovative solutions to streamline day-to-day tasks so your organization can focus on global goals, development and growth.

The specialists of the Centre perform research and elaboration of machine-learning algorithms and introduction of AI-class systems. Currently, there are more than 40 employees: specialists in machine-learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence, software programmers, linguists, analysts, etc. Seven specialists of the Centre have a Candidate of sciences degree.

Under the auspices of the Centre for cognitive technologies the solutions in key focus areas of artificial intelligence application are developed and introduced:

Natural Language Processing, обработка естественного языка
Natural Language Processing, NLP
Речевые технологии
Speech technologies
Компьютерное зрение
Computer vision
Предиктивная аналитика
Predictive analytics
The specialists in project management, possessing knowledge and skills in both agile software development (SCRUM) and process methodology of project management (PMBoK) work in the Centre. We use SCRUM in order to reduce costs and mitigate risks of the customers, improve the quality of development and increase marketability.

The development process is performed within strictly determined time-stages, at the end of each stage the customer receives a new run-time version of a product. This ensures staged and permanent growth of operability and business opportunities of the developed solution and enables flexible management of the progress of project implementation. Almost immediately after the start the customer is able to evaluate the provided solution, incorporate necessary changes into the development and even proceed with the launch of the solution production..

We use process approaches in order to perform precise control of deviations and accurate fulfilment of obligations in large-scale integration projects when it is necessary to comply with project terms and financial constraints, coordinate actions of a large quantity of specialists participating in execution.

High level of expertise in AI sphere, unique character of the proposed solutions and developed partner network enable the Centre for cognitive technologies to realize customized comprehensive projects in various spheres and industries and to provide proprietary solutions in the global market.

The Centre for cognitive technologies is looking to cooperate with start-ups developing services and solutions in NLP, speech technologies, computer vision and predictive analytics. We are also ready to provide the students, studying in these principal areas, with opportunities for professional growth and implementation of challenging ideas.

The Centre is carrying out collaborative work with partner network, i.e. leading world and Russian producers of software: NVIDIA, Speech Technology Centre, Clevertec, Biometric systems, VideoMatrix, ABBYY, IBM, Microsoft, UiPath, General VR, VISITECH, 3i Technologies, Conundrum, Fanuc.

23 years of experience
TOP 10 Russian IT companies
85 entities of the Russian Federation

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Development and implementation of artificial intelligence systems.